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Sketching Essentials in Graphite
Sketching Essentials in Graphite
Matt Brehm
Whether you're walking through a neighborhood or wandering in nature, build foundational skills for sketching what you see more quickly and easily.
Curiously Similar
Capture the beauty of any natural scene you choose! Learn foundational techniques for drawing landscapes with lifelike dimension, texture and detail.
Nancy Ellen Thompson
with Nancy Ellen Thompson
Become a better pen and ink artist! Learn techniques for capturing the values, textures and contours you see in the world around you.
Paul Heaston
with Paul Heaston
Bring your drawings to life as you make shading simple and fun! Take all the mystery out of value, interpreting light, mark-making techniques and more.
Catherine V. Holmes
with Catherine V. Holmes
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Sketching Essentials in Graphite