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Wow clients and family alike with stunning poinsettia cakes that make every party a holiday hit. Learn how in this special mini-class.

Episode descriptions

Introduction & Centers
1 . Episode: Introduction & Centers

Find out what makes poinsettias so distinctive! Learn about each of the components that go into these classic, seasonal flowers, then get started making your own as you create the three distinctive centers of the poinsettia.

Bracts & Leaves
2 . Episode: Bracts & Leaves

The poinsettia "flower" is actually made up of brightly colored bracts. In this lesson, you'll master making these components as well as the leaves of the poinsettia.

Coloring, Assembly & Variations
3 . Episode: Coloring, Assembly & Variations

Bring your beautiful poinsettias to life as Nicholas shows you how to color them for botanic authenticity or fantastical appearance. Then, learn Nicholas' secret way of assembling these unique elements so that they lie flat.

4 . Episode: Arrangements

Now that you've made your beautiful botanically realistic poinsettias and a fantasy version, there's just one more thing to do! Discover how to attach these wintertime hallmarks to cakes, and get inspired by Nicholas' elegant designs.

About the Teacher

Nicholas Lodge
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Introduction & Centers
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Sweet Seasons: Winter Poinsettia

Nicholas Lodge

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Sweet Seasons: Winter Poinsettia