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Prong Settings From Start to Finish
Prong Settings From Start to Finish
Nancy L.T. Hamilton
Add high-quality prong settings to all of your future projects with key soldering and wire-forming skills!
Curiously Similar
Gain the skills to showcase any stone with a well-crafted bezel! Learn techniques to create three distinctive settings that are just as beautiful as the gemstones they house.
Danielle Miller-Gilliam
with Danielle Miller-Gilliam
Tackle complex connections with soldering savvy. Learn how to account for your piece's materials, mass, heat sinks and beyond.
Jim Dailing
with Jim Dailing
Get great results in less time! Find out how to update your jewelry-making process to elevate your designs.
Nanz Aalund
with Nanz Aalund
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The cuff is a classy and sassy piece of jewelry that can stand alone or be stacked with other pieces. And learning the basics of how to make this wardrobe staple will help progress your other jewelry-making endeavors too. Master the plain cuff first, then let your imagination take over — there are endless ways to customize here.
by Kate Wilkonson
The best part about metalsmith jewelry is the wide variety of materials you get to work with. Whether you’re looking to handle silver, gold, rose gold, base metals or more specialized metals, stick with us for the rundown on the most common types of metal for jewelry making.
by Bettina Johnson
“Stop the Machines,” “The Time Has Come,” “City-Wide Stickball Champs” — browse through Jon Contino’s portfolio and these are the sayings that jump out of his award-winning art. He pairs these bold words with gritty hand-lettering and genius illustration to create a graphic style that’s straight out of his New York City roots. And the big guns have taken note: Clothing, corporate logos, movie posters, book covers, and branding now all bear his signature look. We caught up with the artist on the eve of his upcoming book release Brand by Hand (Abrams Books, October 2018).
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Prong Settings From Start to Finish