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Transform your wardrobe into a treasure chest of garments that make you look and feel your best.

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All About Color
1 . Episode: All About Color

Meet Nancy Nix-Rice: author, former sewing industry executive, and expert on how everyone can look great every day. Learn about Nancy's essential "points of connection" concept and how to evaluate your outfits in terms of color temperature, value and intensity.

Selecting Fabrics & Stash-Clearing
2 . Episode: Selecting Fabrics & Stash-Clearing

Follow along as Nancy shows you more ways to work with color, especially contrast levels in solids and prints. Then learn Nancy's foolproof tips for editing your fabric stash to reflect your new knowledge of what works.

Styling for Your Body Type
3 . Episode: Styling for Your Body Type

Not sure if you're an hourglass, a triangle or another shape altogether? Nancy will teach you to identify your body type and choose styles to flatter it, along with tips for choosing or adapting patterns to suit you.

Slimming Strategies
4 . Episode: Slimming Strategies

As you develop your eye for styles that flatter, you'll also learn to create focal points and use directional design lines to create a slim, elegant look. You'll even discover a few easy ways to update garments you already own with small but effective changes.

Planning Your Wardrobe
5 . Episode: Planning Your Wardrobe

Find out how to plan an amazing wardrobe with a few key pieces in neutrals and accent colors for dozens of outfits. Nancy will also share suggestions for fabric types and pattern silhouettes, with sewing tips along the way.

Beyond Sewing: Accessories
6 . Episode: Beyond Sewing: Accessories

For chic finishing touches for all of your outfits, learn to choose and wear accessories from the top down, using jewelry, scarves, belts, purses and shoes to refine your look.

About the Teacher

Nancy Nix-Rice
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Pam W. Howard
Pam W. Howard
Sew tailored knits for attire your coworkers, friends and family will surely admire.
Jacque Goldsmith
Jacque Goldsmith
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2. Episode: Selecting Fabrics & Stash-Clearing 29min
3. Episode: Styling for Your Body Type 18min
5. Episode: Planning Your Wardrobe 24min
6. Episode: Beyond Sewing: Accessories 24min


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