Ready to Quilt: Quick Tips to Get You Started

1h 54min beginner Resources

Make your first quilt sandwich a success!

Episode descriptions

Preparing All Quilt Layers
1 . Episode: Preparing All Quilt Layers

Meet Sandi Blackwell and start with steps for preparing your quilt sandwich: squaring, marking to center your quilt top, batting and backing. With each breakdown, you'll enjoy timesaving tips that make for a speedy sandwich.

Assembly & Basting
2 . Episode: Assembly & Basting

Ever wondered how experienced quilters wrangle all of the fabric in a quilt sandwich? For starters, basting helps! Sandi shares how to use pressing and pinning tools, assembling all of your layers to make quilting a snap.

Machine & Quilting Foot Basics
3 . Episode: Machine & Quilting Foot Basics

Before diving into actual quilting, make sure you've got a good handle on your tools. Sandi breaks down machine settings and sewing feet so that you're set for success.

Planning & Design Options
4 . Episode: Planning & Design Options

Quilting can work in two basic ways: with a walking foot or a free-motion foot. Sandi explains the difference and helps you choose which you like best. You'll also get an introduction to several eye-catching designs and see how to manage almost any size quilt as it passes through your machine (without any fuss!).

Let's Go: Straight Machine Quilting
5 . Episode: Let's Go: Straight Machine Quilting

Walking foot quilters - it's time to dive in! Sandi demonstrates where to start, depending on your quilt design choice, and explains how having a plan and controlling your thread can help keep your quilting even.

Basic Free-Motion Quilting
6 . Episode: Basic Free-Motion Quilting

Finish class with with a fun look at free-motion quilting! Start by learning which presser feet work best and move on to controlling stitch length; it's the key to flawless FMQ work! Along the way, you'll get some of Sandi's trusted secrets for fantastic FMQ.

About the Teacher

Sandi Blackwell
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1. Episode: Preparing All Quilt Layers 19min
3. Episode: Machine & Quilting Foot Basics 12min
4. Episode: Planning & Design Options 21min
5. Episode: Let's Go: Straight Machine Quilting 27min
6. Episode: Basic Free-Motion Quilting 16min


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Preparing All Quilt Layers
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Ready to Quilt: Quick Tips to Get You Started

Sandi Blackwell

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Ready to Quilt: Quick Tips to Get You Started