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      Everyday Cooking for People With Diabetes
      Everyday Cooking for People With Diabetes
      Linda Gassenheimer
      Cook delicious, diabetes-friendly meals, snacks and more.
      Curiously Similar
      Discover the secrets to delicious meals, healthy ingredients and perfect portion sizes that will leave you feeling full and looking great!
      Allison Task
      Allison Task
      Discover the joy of cooking smart and eating right!
      Ellie Krieger
      Ellie Krieger
      Bake healthier versions of your favorite sweet treats!
      Michelle  Doll
      Michelle Doll
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      You don't need a whole bunch of fancy cookie cutters and a pastry-school diploma to make super-creative, super-spooky cookies! Start off with basic round sugar cookies, grab three colors of royal icing, and you're in business. Pro tip: each of these designs requires a few hours of drying time, so plan accordingly.
      Felicity and Krystle
      Storing pre-cut vegetables can up your cooking game in a big way. With prep already done, you're recipe-ready and can go ham inventing new dishes or rekindling an old kitchen flame. Plus you'll be covered when it comes to snack-time cravings. Veggies are so easy to store in the fridge once they're chopped, and plenty of them freeze well too. Freezing can help you preserve the bounty of seasons past, which is a great excuse to over indulge at your local farmers' market.
      Jessie Oleson Moore
      Healthy, delicious and soooo easy to make... you don't need us to tell you smoothies are awesome. But lately it's the smoothie bowl that really has our hearts. Maybe it's because they seem a little more grownup than the straw-slurping standby, or maybe it's because they make us feel like we're eating ice cream sundaes for breakfast. Either way, it's a win.
      Shelby Deering
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      Everyday Cooking for People With Diabetes