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Create a chic, compact minaudière clutch – no sewing required!

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Lisa Lam and get a quick overview of the class and the clutch you'll be making, all without sewing!

Getting Started
2 . Episode: Getting Started

Get started by learning about the minaudière, also known as a clamshell or box clutch. Lisa explains why this sleek structured bag is the perfect no-sew project, then helps you choose a fabric and draft a pattern for any shape and size frame.

Covering & Lining the Case
3 . Episode: Covering & Lining the Case

After you've chosen fabrics, cover each half of your case with fabric glue. Discover the best types of glue to use for the smoothest application. After that, fold and glue your corners for a professional look, and apply lining fabric in the same way.

Frame & Finishing
4 . Episode: Frame & Finishing

Wrap things up by applying glue to the edges of your case, ensuring that they're neatly secured with Lisa's handy tips. Then pop it into the metal frame to complete your chic no-sew clutch and, if you'd like, add a chain.

About the Teacher

Lisa Lam
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The No-Sew Clutch

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