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Knit Shawls 14 Ways: Exploring Shape & Design
Knit Shawls 14 Ways: Exploring Shape & Design
Laura Nelkin
Discover 14 ways to shape custom shawls that show off your unique aesthetic.
Curiously Similar
Choose and use eye-catching stitch patterns to build custom accessories that capture your style. Create your own scarves and shawls with fun, frustration-free techniques.
Amy Singer
with Amy Singer
Learn how to create drapey fabric full of movement, texture and unique shape! Explore the possibilities of bias knitting in four fun, easy projects.
Bristol Ivy
with Bristol Ivy
Embrace the complexities of lace as you learn to design shawl patterns that flow logically and organically from one stitch pattern to the next.
Miriam Felton
with Miriam Felton
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As a super busy mother of three, I often feel like I have to justify the time I spend knitting. There are so many demands on my time, it sometimes feels a little selfish to prioritize what at first glance may look like a hobby. But, my friends, it is so much more than a hobby. Knitting keeps me sane, keeps me focused, and, without a doubt, makes me a better person.
Kerchiefs, shawls and blankets, oh my! Triangles pop up in knitting more than you think, but they don't have to be boring and basic. Try these three techniques to give your next knit some triangular magic.
by Ashley Little
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Knit Shawls 14 Ways: Exploring Shape & Design