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Say hello to the Midnight Quilt Show, a YouTube series that celebrates late-night stitches, taking shortcuts and sewing in your PJs! Each week, host Angela Walters will bring you a quick and quippy breakdown of a brand new quilt… wine not included.

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Episode descriptions

Carpenter Star
1. Episode: Carpenter Star

Oh, the weather outside is not frightful, but the time to start to making gifts has never been more delightful!

Blooming Medallion
2. Episode: Blooming Medallion

Ever started a gift quilt that ended up being too good to give away? You're not the only one. Angela's second quilt ever was supposed to be for her mom, then… well, let's just say she got sidetracked. But she's making up for it with a new episode that's just for, you guessed it, Mom.

Z Is for Zoo
3. Episode: Z Is for Zoo

CAUTION: Baby quilts are a total gateway drug! Just ask Angela: she's working this cute little number up for her newborn nephew. (Think you can stop at one? Don't say we didn't warn you!)

Surfer's Point
4. Episode: Surfer's Point

What do you do when your daughter picks out a quilt that's way harder than you're used to? Well if you're like Angela, you make an episode about it! This one's all about building up the confidence to take a bite out of something new. (You can do it too!)

"Frequency" Rainbow Star Quilt
5. Episode: "Frequency" Rainbow Star Quilt

What do you get when you combine a rainbow quilt, a star quilt and a medallion quilt all into one? A fresh episode of "The Midnight Quilt Show," of course! Join Angela as she breaks down Y-seams, quilting with templates and beyond.

Shattered Frames
6. Episode: Shattered Frames

Holy scrap. Quilting can get a little messy sometimes, especially when you're busting your scrap stash. But nothing's gonna stop Angela from making room for new fabric! Feel the same? Your stitching sidekick awaits. (She's even sharing the free quilt pattern!)

Tiled Stars
7. Episode: Tiled Stars

Mistakes happen, even for the Midnight Quilter. But hey, the show must go on! Tune in to see how Angela conquers a little stitch snafu on her way to sewing a scrappy square-in-square stunner, just in time for her family reunion.

All Roads
8. Episode: All Roads

How do you knock out a layer-cake in no time at all? You make your half-square triangles eight at a time. (Yeah, you heard us right.) Angela's here to show you, so you can "rock out with your block out."

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