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Grab your friends and get ready to laugh and learn alongside the Wild Adventure Girls! This series will take you through crazy science experiments, cool arts and crafts, and delicious kid-friendly recipes.

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Unpoppable Bubbles
1. Episode: Unpoppable Bubbles

These are Magic NO POP Bubbles! Yes, you can actually bounce these bubbles with your hands with this fun science experiment for kids!

Cloud in a Bottle
2. Episode: Cloud in a Bottle

Make a Cloud in a Bottle with this fun Science Experiments for Kids.

Ultimate Volcano Eruption
3. Episode: Ultimate Volcano Eruption

We love making Volcano Experiments and today will will show you how to make a Volcano Eruption with glowing lava! Science is awesome and this Volcano Experiment is fun and easy to do at home or in the classroom.

Emoji Stress Balls
4. Episode: Emoji Stress Balls

There is nothing better than some Oobleck Slime Stress Balls. Today, The Wild Adventure Girls will show you how to make a super cool DIY Slime Emoji Stress Balls using Oobleck Slime!

Galaxy Slime
5. Episode: Galaxy Slime

Join The Wild Adventure Girls as they fly deep into space and show you how to make DIY Galaxy Slime which becomes a fun and beautiful GALAXY GLITTER SLIME!

Galaxy Shoes
6. Episode: Galaxy Shoes

In this DIY, the Wild Adventure Girls show you how to "galaxy" your shoes in this awesome Galaxy Shoes DIY!

Galaxy Donuts
7. Episode: Galaxy Donuts

DIY GALAXY DONUTS! These Donuts are Out Of This WORLD Delicious! Learn how to make Galaxy Donuts in this easy to do recipe.

Fizzy Fruit
8. Episode: Fizzy Fruit

Learning how to make Fizzy Fruit has never been so easy in this science experiment for kids! Fizzy Fruit taste like a healthy soda with each bite bursting with fruity carbonation!

EOS Treats
9. Episode: EOS Treats

This Edible EOS is PERFECT for kids, friends, party favors and more! Plus, these are so fun to make!

Gross Pizza Challenge
10. Episode: Gross Pizza Challenge

Today we are doing the super fun, but a little bit gross PIZZA CHALLENGE! We have 8 good ingredients and 8 gross pizza ingredients.

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