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Welcome to Man About Cake, a weekly YouTube show full of laughs… and tiers. Kick it with our Caked Crusader, Joshua John Russell.

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Textured Buttercream Beach Cake
1. Episode: Textured Buttercream Beach Cake

Your suggestions and votes from the MAC flavor contest inspired this piña colada cake! JJR channels the taste of the tropics with coconut and pineapple atop textured buttercream tiers.

Rainbow Geometric Cake
2. Episode: Rainbow Geometric Cake

Geometric cutout cakes are all the rage. JJR takes on tiled fondant and custom toppers for a modern kids' birthday cake design (sprinkles included).

Garbage Ice Cream Sandwich
3. Episode: Garbage Ice Cream Sandwich

Freezer overflowing with cake scraps? No problem; these "garbage cake" mint chip ice cream sandwiches will be gone in a flash.

Anti-Valentine's Cake
4. Episode: Anti-Valentine's Cake

JJR is celebrating Valentine's Day (a little) differently this year. If you're feeling anti-Valentine's yourself, get the recipes and everything you need to make this cake!

Garbage Cake Cones
5. Episode: Garbage Cake Cones

What to do with all that leftover garbage cake? Make these chocolate-dipped not-ice-cream-cone treats (a JJR original creation).

Lace Collage Cake
6. Episode: Lace Collage Cake

No time to cure your sugar lace? Premade edible lace is the way to go (JJR treats his with airbrushing and a shabby chic design).

Royal Icing Molds Cake
7. Episode: Royal Icing Molds Cake

No piping? No problem. Check out JJR's cake hacks to make a faux piped royal icing cake accented with a sugar poppy.

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