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Join Kristy Glass on a journey of textile discovery that proves there's more to knitting than meets the ply! If you consider yourself among the fiber-curious — if you get your thrills from picking pills and alpaca mills, we want to cordially welcome you to The Stitch Dimension.

Episode descriptions

Name. That. Cloth.
1. Episode: Name. That. Cloth.

Textiles, they're everywhere! But have you ever really looked at them? Chances are, your pants are woven and your top is knit! Dive into the wild world of fiber with Kristy Glass and learn the differences among knit, crocheted and woven fabrics.

The Fiber of Our Lives
2. Episode: The Fiber of Our Lives

What is yarn? Wait, back up; what is fiber? Whether it's natural or synthetic, all yarn starts with the raw materials (think silkworms and wool)! Tune in for top-notch fiber tips, and discover why alpaca fur is better suited to a sweater than Old Yeller's glossy coat.

From Egypt With Knit
3. Episode: From Egypt With Knit

They say great minds think alike, which may explain how regions of Egypt, China and South America all managed to develop knitting on their own! See where in the world (and why) some of your favorite techniques were created.

Fuzz Bucket
4. Episode: Fuzz Bucket

Find out everything you never wanted to know about sweater pilling! From what fiber to avoid, to how to deal with a "boogered up" knit, Kristy is here to help you cope with the pilling reality. Spoiler: You can't escape it!

5. Episode: Knitonomics

But really, how long DID it take you to knit that? In the final episode of "The Stitch Dimension," Kristy talks knitting speed, labor hours and takes a look at the value of handknits! (Plus, you'll get some tips on pricing that pair of socks.)

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