Throughstone Sweater Knit-Along With Bonus Videos

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Ready to take the "eek" out of steek? Join designer Bristol Ivy and learn to knit a fabulous steeked cardigan! This knit-along gives you the chance to challenge yourself and try more advanced techniques, such as steeking, stranded colorwork, short rows and more, with the help of a supportive community of knitters. Bristol will walk you through every step, from choosing yarn colors and determining gauge to troubleshooting, while sharing tips and tricks along the way. Steeking is always better with friends, so enroll now and get ready to start stitching! The Throughstone Sweater kit is available now; just click on the Materials tab in the class for a link!

Episode descriptions

Preparing the KAL
1. Episode: Preparing the KAL

Take a closer look at the cardigan (plus a bonus pullover version) to begin. Then Bristol helps you choose your yarn and colors, and how to find your perfect fit. Afterwards, get your needles clicking by knitting a gauge swatch.

Pocket Steeks
2. Episode: Pocket Steeks

Ready to dive in? Begin by knitting the sweater pockets. You'll get your first taste of steeking and colorwork knitting.

Knitting the Body
3. Episode: Knitting the Body

After the pockets are done, cast on the bottom of your sweater and get ready for some relaxing knitting.

4. Episode: Sleeves

Take a break from knitting the body of your sweater to work on the sleeves. You'll see how to customize the shaping to best fit your arms.

Joining the Yoke
5. Episode: Joining the Yoke

Bring all the sweater pieces together by adding the sleeves and giving the yoke some shaping. (At this point it might start to look like an actual sweater!)

Yoke Colorwork
6. Episode: Yoke Colorwork

Now for the fun part: knitting the colorwork yoke! Get Bristol's best tips on color dominance, reading colorwork charts with shaping, and binding off that neck.

7. Episode: Steeking

It's time to make the cut! Find out how to prepare the steek and, once you're done cutting, carefully cut and secure it. (No worries, you've got nothing to fear here, especially with Bristol by your side.)

8. Episode: Finishing

Lastly, just a few finishing touches before your cardigan is ready to wear. Learn how to pick up stitches for the button band, knit buttonholes, and give your sweater a final blocking.

Bristol Live: Welcome
9. Episode: Bristol Live: Welcome

Welcome to Bristol's live knit-along session. If you weren't able to join or want to review, we've saved the footage exclusively for you!

Bristol Live: Strand Aid
10. Episode: Bristol Live: Strand Aid

Colorwork can be intimidating, but in this previously recorded segment of Bristol's live appearance, you can get a handle on the colorful sweater pockets and yoke.

Bristol Live: Colorful Sweaters
11. Episode: Bristol Live: Colorful Sweaters

In this previously recorded portion of Bristol's live session, learn more about tackling the tricky parts of knitting a colorwork sweater.

Bristol Live: You've Got to Be Yoking
12. Episode: Bristol Live: You've Got to Be Yoking

In her live session, Bristol goes over the sweater's charming yoke. This is a previously recorded segment.

Bristol Live: The Mystique of the Steek
13. Episode: Bristol Live: The Mystique of the Steek

Eek! Don't be scared. Bristol talks more about steeking in her live event.

About the Teacher

Bristol Ivy
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Preparing the KAL
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Throughstone Sweater Knit-Along With Bonus Videos

Bristol Ivy

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Throughstone Sweater Knit-Along With Bonus Videos