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Throughstone Sweater Knit-Along With Bonus Videos
Throughstone Sweater Knit-Along With Bonus Videos
Bristol Ivy
Ready to take the "eek" out of steek? Join designer Bristol Ivy and learn to knit a fabulous steeked cardigan! This knit-along gives you the chance to challenge yourself and try more advanced techniques, such as steeking, stranded colorwork, short rows and more, with the help of a supportive community of knitters. Bristol will walk you through every step, from choosing yarn colors and determining gauge to troubleshooting, while sharing tips and tricks along the way. Steeking is always better with friends, so enroll now and get ready to start stitching! The Throughstone Sweater kit is available now; just click on the Materials tab in the class for a link!
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Hold onto your needles! Tracie and Jodi, a.k.a. the Grocery Girls, are here to dish out fresh fiber inspiration. From project picks to wooly good gossip, things are about to get super knitty… and maybe just a little nutty.
Grocery Girls
with Grocery Girls
Do you suffer from second sock syndrome (when you knit one sock and never quite get around to finishing the second one)? You’re not alone. Join expert Kate Atherley and discover a more efficient way to knit socks so that when you’re done, you have two instead of one! Whether you prefer top-down or toe-up, you’ll learn how to knit two socks at the same time and modify any pattern for this time-saving method.
Kate Atherley
with Kate Atherley
Join designer Bristol Ivy to knit a comfy cardigan, one week at a time.
Bristol Ivy
with Bristol Ivy
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With knitting, as with fashion, everything old is new again. And as fall sweater season rolls in on a wave of apple cider and crunching leaves, we're seeing a classic style take center stage: the yoke sweater. This cozy icon traces its roots to Swedish, Icelandic and Shetland knitting traditions, with each culture offering its own unique version.
I thought I was going to faint the first time I saw a knitter use scissors to cut their knitted fabric. Why in the world would anyone do such a thing? I was horrified! It turns out, this knitter wasn't crazy. In fact, she knew exactly what she was doing: she was steeking, and she was steeking with a purpose.
by Ashley Little
If you’re planning to knit in public, be prepared to talk about it with complete strangers.
by Ashley Little
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Throughstone Sweater Knit-Along With Bonus Videos