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Modern Handcrafted Candy
Modern Handcrafted Candy
Jami Curl
Ready to make your sweetest dreams come true? Master the basics of handcrafted candy alongside our candy wizard, Jami Curl. She’ll show you how to work with sugar and real, fresh ingredients to make more than 15 of her favorite recipes, including rosé gumdrops, popcorn caramels, jewel-like lollipops and more.
Curiously Similar
Discover the secrets to whipping up decadent fudge, homemade candy bars and more amazing treats, all in your very own kitchen and all to rave reviews!
Elizabeth LaBau
Elizabeth LaBau
Create a chocolatier-worthy box of decadent, homemade treats!
Jacques Torres
Jacques Torres
Learn simple techniques and troubleshooting tips for creating chewy caramel candies, crunchy brittles, silky crème caramel and more!
Carole  Bloom
Carole Bloom
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Modern Handcrafted Candy