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Cardio & Strength Tutorials 101
Cardio & Strength Tutorials 101
Master trainer Alex Isaly will teach you 10 of the most popular cardio and strength training moves and how to do them properly.
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Sure, when you're in downward dog you're not supposed to be thinking about anything but your breath. But perhaps in between asanas you have found yourself wondering: what is she really thinking? What would your yoga instructor like you to know that would both improve your practice and help your teacher give you better instruction? Some of the insights may surprise you:
There are probably about as many ways to do yoga as there are poses. Well, not quite. But whether you're a competitive athlete or someone who has never, ever done a downward dog, there's definitely a style of yoga to suit your mind, body and spirit. Here's an easy guide to six of the most popular yoga styles, so you can find the perfect fit for you.
Though Misty Copeland makes it look effortless, dance is anything but. Every move is a complex waltz between your mind and feet — and that spells big benefits that go way beyond great posture and toned legs.
Brooke Kosofsky Glassberg
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Cardio & Strength Tutorials 101