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Dive into movement exploration in Teddy's contemporary dance course. In these classes, play with various improvisation tasks, then power through a full-length piece with Teddy and his assistants.

Episode descriptions

Contemporary Warm-Up
1. Episode: Contemporary Warm-Up

Follow along with Teddy as you flow through a warm-up to achieve an open headspace for contemporary class. Fire up your core and use this class to activate your mind-body connection.

Improvisation Techniques
2. Episode: Improvisation Techniques

Teddy loves improvisation because it's an integral part of his artistry and creation process. In this class, work on activating your brain in different ways and finding new movement patterns through three improvisation techniques: waving, finding fixed points and tracing.

Contemporary Combo Part 1
3. Episode: Contemporary Combo Part 1

Build off of Teddy's improvisation techniques and dive into part one of his contemporary choreography. Watch how Teddy's movement dynamics emulate the musical accents, and work on achieving clarity in your shapes.

Contemporary Combo Part 2
4. Episode: Contemporary Combo Part 2

Continue exploring the idea of waving and flowing through your movement in part two of Teddy's contemporary combination. In this section, play with circular movement, command your space and transition through some more challenging floorwork.

Contemporary Combo Part 3
5. Episode: Contemporary Combo Part 3

Take on the final section of Teddy's contemporary combination to finish his entire piece! On top of executing the movement details and dynamics, practice performing all three sections together to challenge your stamina and choreographic retention.

About the Teacher

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2. Episode: Improvisation Techniques 16min
3. Episode: Contemporary Combo Part 1 35min
4. Episode: Contemporary Combo Part 2 32min
5. Episode: Contemporary Combo Part 3 24min
Contemporary Warm-Up
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Exploring Movement in Contemporary Dance


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Exploring Movement in Contemporary Dance