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Join Koya in her yoga practice, designed to improve your health holistically. This course consists of Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt and Yin Yoga, all of which are developed for yogis of all levels.

Episode descriptions

Beginner Yoga Flow
1. Episode: Beginner Yoga Flow

Flow through various yoga positions and sequences with Koya in her Beginner Yoga Flow class. Remember to listen to your body, move with ease and connect your breath with each pose.

Yoga Sculpt
2. Episode: Yoga Sculpt

Tap into your inner warrior in Koya's Yoga Sculpt class! Take on these challenging poses with confidence and strength, and remind yourself to prioritize personal growth over the idea of perfection.

Yin Yoga
3. Episode: Yin Yoga

Koya's Yin Yoga class will help you de-stress and release unnecessary tension through holding deeper stretches for longer periods of time. Koya loves Yin Yoga because it allows you to let go of your emotions and step away from personal judgment on your mat.

About the Teacher

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Heidi Sormaz
Heidi Sormaz
Start your holistic journey to a healthier mind and body.

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