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Working out of her tricked-out workshop, DIY expert Rachel Metz tackles creative home decor projects that are easy, affordable, and totally on-trend. Discover how simple, and fulfilling, it is to customize your space in this hip design series. Disclaimer: Always use caution when operating power tools.

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Episode descriptions

Dog Bed
1. Episode: Dog Bed

Rachel makes a custom-made bed for her dog, complete with toy storage and mod hairpin legs. Oh, and did we mention it also matches her living room decor?

Entryway Bench
2. Episode: Entryway Bench

Function meets fashion as Rachel builds a simple, yet stylish entryway storage bench with crates and plywood.

Wall Desk
3. Episode: Wall Desk

How to make the most of awkward spaces? Rachel tackles this in her guest room with a stylish solution: a custom hanging wall desk.

Chevron Headboard
4. Episode: Chevron Headboard

Rachel gives her guest room a makeover by constructing a solid wood chevron headboard that doubles as wall art.

Outdoor Table
5. Episode: Outdoor Table

Rachel and her dad team up to build an outdoor farmhouse table as a surprise gift for her mom.

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Rachel Metz

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