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We've partnered with Bravo and host Billy Harris to showcase the best recipes from the Bluprint library for every occasion. With fall in the air, we’ve got easy, one-pot family meals and comfort food you will love. If it’s game day or you’re looking for the best snacks and appetizers for your holiday party, we've got you covered. And speaking of holidays, check out our favorite recipes for your family feast. First aired on Bravo, these episodes will always be here for you to watch and enjoy. Links to the classes featured (and their recipes) are in the Materials tab of the video player. Just click Watch!

Episode descriptions

Game Day
1. Episode: Game Day

Football season’s here and we’ve got six fantastic recipes to bring Gourmet to your Game Day! Join host Billy Harris and five amazing chefs for burgers with secret sauce, pulled pork sandwiche;, zesty fresh guacamole; beef, beer and BBQ stew; chili con queso; and sports cookies.

2. Episode: One-Pot

Some nights, there is nothing that satisfies like the ease, warmth and rich savory deliciousness of a one-pot meal. Billy Harris introduces six easy and totally tasty one-pot wonders.

Snacks & Apps
3. Episode: Snacks & Apps

These six fantastic and easy recipes for snacks and appetizers will make your cocktail parties pop and your taste buds dance.

Comfort Food
4. Episode: Comfort Food

Meet six chefs with meals that will nourish your body and soul, but most important, tempt your tastebuds.

Holiday & Hosting
5. Episode: Holiday & Hosting

There’s a special magic to this time of year, and getting in the kitchen is the perfect way to get that holiday spirit glowing. Host Billy Harris brings together five experts to share their tips and tricks for holiday favorites old and new.

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