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Practice your free-motion quilting — and learn a handful of new designs — as you create three textured projects: a journal cover, basket, and zippered bag.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Christina and review the three quilted projects you'll make in class: a journal cover, basket and zippered bag.

Quilting Refresher
2 . Episode: Quilting Refresher

Get a quick refresher on basting fat-quarter-sized quilt sandwiches and setting up your machine for free-motion quilting.

Journal Cover: Quilting
3 . Episode: Journal Cover: Quilting

Start your journal cover by quilting your panel with an all-over seafoam design made by echoing wavy lines. See how to create pockets of space in the design and then fill them with quilted pebbles or other filler variations.

Journal Cover: Construction
4 . Episode: Journal Cover: Construction

Trim your panel and a few more fabric pieces to finish up your journal cover. Christina shows you how to cut, stack and sew it all together with ease.

Basket: Quilting
5 . Episode: Basket: Quilting

Christina guides you step by step to quilt a textured triangle basket design. See how easy it is to keep your triangles on track using quilting guidelines with your walking foot. Afterwards, add filler between triangles for texture that pops.

Basket: Construction
6 . Episode: Basket: Construction

Your basket is almost done! Sew your quilted panel into a structured basket (that's perfect for holding fat quarter bundles!). Learn how to create boxed corners in the outer quilted panel and lining fabric, then add handles and a cuff for a beautiful finish.

Zippered Bag: Quilting
7 . Episode: Zippered Bag: Quilting

Quilt a symmetrical curvy radar design on your panel to start the last project, a zippered bag. Christina shows you how to mark and stitch guidelines with your walking foot, and add curves with free-motion stitching.

Zippered Bag: Construction
8 . Episode: Zippered Bag: Construction

Zip up your quilted panel after you turn it into a handy bag, complete with lining. Then insert the zipper, stitch and turn the bag. Finish it off with a zipper pull for a personal touch.

Bonus: Scrappy Quilted Panel
9 . Episode: Bonus: Scrappy Quilted Panel

In this bonus video, Christina shares her secrets for using up even the smallest quilted scraps. With a simple joining method, learn to piece a patchwork panel and use it to create any of the projects from class.

About the Teacher

Christina Cameli
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Christina Cameli
Christina Cameli
Combine your walking foot and free-motion quilting to create stunning geometric designs.
Become part of the modern quilt movement with Fresh Quilting. In this new series, innovative modern quilters reinterpret traditional techniques with a fresh, modern aesthetic. In each episode, these contemporary designers give a fresh twist to traditional designs and quilting techniques to create high-impact quilts. They design with avant-garde color palettes and negative space and use familiar shapes in new ways. By reinventing age-old concepts and techniques, they add new energy to the timeless art of quilting. You can become part of the movement, too, and create your own compelling modern quilt designs, with Fresh Quilting.
Christina Cameli
Christina Cameli
Wondering what to do with all your leftover fabric scraps? Designer Christina Cameli shows you how to piece them together without a pattern to create a gorgeous patchwork tote. With Christina's intuitive approach to patchwork, you can have more fun and improvise as you go!
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