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Newbie in the kitchen? No problem! Chef Celeste Rogers covers the basics of good cooking in this beginner's class. From knife skills to must-have tools to time-saving tips, you'll find everything you need to cook with confidence.

Episode descriptions

Gear Up: Knives
1 . Episode: Gear Up: Knives

Get started with a crash course in knives. Celeste explains the top four you really need for kitchen greatness.

Knife Skills
2 . Episode: Knife Skills

Up your knife game as Celeste shows you how to slice, dice and more.

Gear Up: Pots
3 . Episode: Gear Up: Pots

Celeste breaks down the different types of pots and how to pick the right one depending on the job.

4 . Episode: Stocks

Stocks are a flavor base for many dishes. See how to make the best chicken, beef and vegetable stock to elevate your food's flavor.

5 . Episode: Sauces

Who doesn't love a good sauce? From pan sauce to roux-based sauce to béchamel and good ol' gravy, find out how to make incredible toppers for your dishes.

6 . Episode: Grains

There's a wide array of grains out there and lots of ways to cook them. Learn how to cook everything from classic rice to a party-stopping pilaf to the ultimate creamy risotto.

Gear Up: Pans
7 . Episode: Gear Up: Pans

Ever wondered what the difference is among cast iron, stainless steel and nonstick pans? Celeste goes over the pros and cons of each, and how to choose the right one to create impressive dishes.

8 . Episode: Sauté

Sautéing is different from frying. It leads to beautiful browning and rich flavor. Learn how to sauté both proteins and vegetables to perfection.

Gear Up: Accessories
9 . Episode: Gear Up: Accessories

There are tons of kitchen tools and accessories to choose from, so how do you know what you really need? Celeste shows you which ones are worth investing in and which ones to skip.

10 . Episode: Frying

How do you achieve the perfect fried food that's crisp on the outside and tender inside? From pan frying and deep frying to safety tips, Celeste has got you covered.

11 . Episode: Roasting

Roasting is a tried-and-true method for creating flavorful, aromatic dishes. Celeste teaches you how to perfectly roast chicken, fish and beef every time.

Gear Up: Electrics
12 . Episode: Gear Up: Electrics

Get the inside scoop on what to look for in blenders, immersion blenders and the incredibly popular multi-cooker.

Slow Cooking & Pressure Cooking
13 . Episode: Slow Cooking & Pressure Cooking

Traditional braising and using multi-cookers are both great ways to turn inexpensive cuts of meat into soft, delicious goodness. Discover the best ways to braise and use a multi-cooker to serve up mouthwatering meals.

Steaming & Poaching
14 . Episode: Steaming & Poaching

Steaming and poaching are easy, healthy ways to cook oil-free, but food can become bland if done incorrectly. Learn the tricks to steaming, poaching, and packet cooking to create flavorful meals.

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Celeste Rogers
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Gear Up: Knives
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