Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, Season 1

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Bravo brings color to the creative competition landscape in a series that assembles 14 of the art world's most talented, up-and-coming artists to compete for a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize of $100,000.

Episode descriptions

1. Episode: Self-Reflexive

Equipped with self-portraits, the artists size up their competition and are randomly put into pairs for their first elimination challenge. They learn that after only one night together, their mission is to create a piece of art that captures the essence of a fellow competitor. Host and judge China Chow, alongside series judges Bill Powers, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Jerry Saltz, must determine who makes the cut and who is not "The Next Great Artist."

The Shape of Things
2. Episode: The Shape of Things

For their second challenge, the artists are taken to an appliance graveyard filled with televisions, toaster ovens and an array of broken electronics. Using the trash heap as their canvas, the artists are charged with transforming one man's trash into another man's piece of art. Renowned mix-media sculptor Jon Kessler joins the judging panel.

Judging a Book by Its Cover
3. Episode: Judging a Book by Its Cover

The contestants meet the president and publisher from one of the largest book publishers in the world, who guides them through the impressive history of the marriage of art and literature. For their elimination challenge, the artists are charged with creating innovative cover art for a classic novel. Jonathan Santlofer, New York author and internationally recognized artist, sits on the judging panel to determine which winning cover will be put into production and which artist will go home.

A Shock to the System
4. Episode: A Shock to the System

The artists are challenged to create a piece that is shocking and memorable, and speaks to issues that are important to them personally. An originator of provocative and controversial imagery, acclaimed photographer Andres Serrano serves as guest judge.

Art That Moves You
5. Episode: Art That Moves You

The contestants are given a fleet of cars and told to drive them through New York City, ultimately arriving at the Audi Forum. An artist's city often serves as a source of inspiration, and for their elimination challenge, the artists must create a piece of work that is reflective of their experience driving through the streets of Manhattan. Richard Phillips, known for his hyper-realistic paintings, serves as guest judge.

Open to the Public
6. Episode: Open to the Public

The remaining artists are challenged to create a large-scale, outdoor installation piece. The artists must put egos aside and collaborate effectively in order to create a public art masterpiece in just two days. The challenge culminates in a public viewing; complete with guest judge Yvonne Force Villareal, president and co-founder of the Art Production Fund.

Child’s Play
7. Episode: Child’s Play

The artists find themselves in the Children's Museum of the Arts, filled with finger paint portraits and crayon collections. Their challenge is to create a work that is symbolic of the moment their artistic expression began, using only kid-friendly materials to create an adult masterpiece. Will Cotton, an oil painter known for his surreal, childlike landscapes, serve as guest judge.

Opposites Attract
8. Episode: Opposites Attract

The artists are paired and must create works about opposing forces: Heaven and Hell, Male and Female, Order and Chaos. A New York artist notorious for his graphic paintings, Ryan McGinnes, sits on the judging panel.

Natural Talents
9. Episode: Natural Talents

The remaining four artists head out of bustling New York City to the quiet refuge of a nature preserve. Here, they are invited to draw inspiration from their surroundings, exploring the landscape and gathering natural materials to incorporate into their piece. Michele Oka Doner, who specializes in creating art based on nature, serves as guest judge.

The Big Show
10. Episode: The Big Show

The final contestants have been sent home to prepare a full solo exhibition. Climaxing in a large-scale gala opening, the finalists present their collections to the judging panel to determine "The Next Great Artist."

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Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, Season 1

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Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, Season 1