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Visit master patternmaker Suzy Furrer at her Apparel Arts school in Oakland, California. Get an inside look at three of her favorite garments as she shares her unique perspective on design and fashion history. She also helps you navigate her comprehensive collection of Bluprint classes so you can easily find them and expand your skills, no matter what level you're at!

Episode descriptions

The One-Seam Coat
1. Episode: The One-Seam Coat

Suzy begins with an overview of her one-seam, Balenciaga-inspired jacket. Learn about flat patternmaking and why it's a useful addition to your sewing repertoire as you tour the Apparel Arts school.

The Dress
2. Episode: The Dress

Get an up-close look at Suzy's gorgeous linen dress. It's inspired by designer Claire McCardell's ready-to-wear pieces, combining comfort with an elevated pattern. See how the fabric and pattern pieces come together for a volumetric skirt. And, learn how Suzy got started sewing.

The Tailored Jacket
3. Episode: The Tailored Jacket

Suzy walks you through her latest fall jacket. This complex garment is made up of dozens of pattern pieces, showing what you can achieve through patternmaking and garment sewing. Plus, get Suzy's advice for aspiring pattern designers as well as tips on incorporating personal details into your work.

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Suzy Furrer

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If you’re a home sewist, patternmaking (also called pattern drafting) might feel like a distant set of skills you’re not yet ready to tackle. But it’s actually closer than you might think! Master pattern drafter Suzy Furrer — who shows off her expertise in Suzy Furrer on Patternmaking — believes you (yes, you!) can start making patterns, even if you’ve never touched a sewing machine.

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Suzy Furrer on Patternmaking

Suzy Furrer

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