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An interior design queen with her finger on the pulse of industry trends, new mediums, and art forms, the ever-inspired Candice dishes out incredible design makeovers, giving viewers an up-close look into her busy and often-hilarious world.

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CPR for the Basement
1. Episode: CPR for the Basement

Candice's restorative skills are put to the test as she brings emergency room doctor Nick's flooded basement back to life. Candice and her team breathe new life into Nick's cellar, creating an open concept, multi-functional finished space that's perfect for both entertaining and hosting visiting friends and family. But the project gets tricky when Candice and crew have to work around the good doctor's incredibly erratic schedule.

From Beige to Bold
2. Episode: From Beige to Bold

Lisa and Alon's desire to decorate their large living room/dining room hits a dead end when they can't decide on anything other than beige furniture and beige walls. Candice promises to inject excitement and style into their home but her plan almost goes south when constant phone calls, texts and emails distract her from focusing on the task at hand. But is her decision to go cold turkey on her cellphone addiction part of the solution or part of the problem, especially when she needs to find a contractor for a last-minute job?

Blockbuster Basement
3. Episode: Blockbuster Basement

With its fluorescent lighting and dropped ceiling, Tania and Vinicius' large basement feels more like a commercial space than a residential one. Candice and her team go to work turning this cold, featureless room into a cozy, nature-inspired retreat that will allow this couple and their two young children to play, relax, work and even sleep. But Roger's desire to shoot a behind-the-scenes video for his folks threatens to derail the project when his directorial debut interferes with construction.

Grownup Master Bedroom
4. Episode: Grownup Master Bedroom

Genny and Steve's master bedroom has remained untouched for 12 years, and they're wedded to their out-dated waterbed, which completely dominates the space. Candice's must bring this 1970s throwback into the 21st century, but as work begins, things become challenging when record-breaking temperatures take their toll on the team, and they're stuck with air conditioning that only works intermittently.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
5. Episode: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

New dad Brixton wants to keep an eye on his young son while he cooks, so Candice plans to create an open-concept main floor for this heritage townhouse. This complex and expensive project rapidly becomes more stressful when Aldo finds substantial structural problems in the walls, and deadlines are jeopardized when Brixton's domineering mom intervenes in the design process.

High-Tech Ensuite
6. Episode: High-Tech Ensuite

Tech gurus Paula and Philip want Candice to gut their ordinary, old bathroom and redesign it, complete with state-of-the-art technology. Candice scours the city looking for impressive products, fixtures and items that will satisfy their techy appetite for the newest and coolest. During the project, the team begins to suspect that Candice may need reading glasses, and struggles to find a way to tactfully let her know. But with Candice in complete denial, booking an eye exam is easier said than done.

Fabulous Family Room
7. Episode: Fabulous Family Room

Sonya and Peter love everything about their house, except the family room that's dominated by a large off-center fireplace. They want it gone, but Candice sells them on her vision of making the room work with a design that will accommodate all of their wishes. As the project ramps up, Candice's National Volleyball Team past catches up with her when Sonya's daughter asks for coaching help for her playoffs at school.

Room for Two
8. Episode: Room for Two

Caryl and Jeff are young parents of a 2-year-old and a newborn who need to create a pretty girlie room that the kids will share as they grow up. Working within the constraints of an ultra-low budget, Candice challenges the members of her team to a competition to make all the elements in the room. The winner will be crowned MVP, earning a day off, plus bragging rights! Tension heats up as Roger, Rudy, Andrew and Katelyn try to snatch victory from each other's hands.

From Tired to Inspired
9. Episode: From Tired to Inspired

Candice loves designing kitchens, but with Vicky and Joey's project she gets more than she bargained for when Joey's 85-year-old mother comes to stay. While charming, Alice proves to be a bit of a distraction for the team, getting them into all kinds of trouble. Will Candice be able to rein in the rambunctious Alice so she can get the kitchen finished on time and on budget?

Out of the Woods
10. Episode: Out of the Woods

Candice is called in to rework Anita and Jeff's family room that features natural oak and lots of it: everything from built-in bookcases to wainscoting to window shutters. Candice gently persuades the couple to keep the wood, but paint it. Once it's been painted though, there is no going back. While Candice is challenged with trying to deliver the perfect space, Roger's new passion for karate has led him away from the renovation and into the gym.

Bland to Beautiful Bedroom
11. Episode: Bland to Beautiful Bedroom

Candice is thrilled to redesign Kim and Peter‘s master bedroom, the only untouched room in a stunning ranch house that is a sought-after location for film and commercial shoots. As Candice and the team begin to transform a boring beige room into a tranquil and luxurious space, they learn that the homeowners have received a lucrative offer from a movie location scout. Will Candice and company get the job done faster than anticipated so the owners can rent their house out and take advantage of this great opportunity?

Book Lover's Retreat
12. Episode: Book Lover's Retreat

To say that Alice and Bob are bookish is an understatement. Candice finds their downtown townhouse den filled to the brim with sagging bookcases and much loved well-worn furniture. All those books create a mighty headache as she and her team create an elegant library with built-in cabinetry, lovely new furnishings and an updated fireplace. When her clients decide to extend the hardwood flooring throughout the second floor, Candice and the team walk into a literary nightmare as the sheer volume of books that they must move, store and organize overwhelms them.

Cosmopolitan Condo
13. Episode: Cosmopolitan Condo

Martin, a competitive trampolinist, trains all day and has little time to deal with organizing and decorating his condo. Candice finds his bachelor pad so overwhelmed with oversized leather furniture, souvenirs from his travels and giant stereo equipment that she can barely figure out how to squeeze her team into the space. A former athlete herself, she delights in creating a restful and sophisticated space where Martin can relax and revitalize before his next tournament.

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An interior design queen with her finger on the pulse of industry trends, new mediums, and art forms, the ever-inspired Candice dishes out incredible design makeovers, giving viewers an up-close look into her busy and often-hilarious world.
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CPR for the Basement
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