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Pamper your pets with these easy projects!

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Chic DIY Cat Scratching Post
1. Episode: Chic DIY Cat Scratching Post

Keep your cat happy and healthy! See how easy it is to build a DIY scratching post using items from around the house.

DIY Princess Canopy Pet Bed
2. Episode: DIY Princess Canopy Pet Bed

Repurpose an old end table into a luxurious pet bed! All the materials you need are easy to find and it comes together in a snap.

Easy DIY Doggy Stairs
3. Episode: Easy DIY Doggy Stairs

Does your pup have short legs? No problem! Make stairs for small dogs that are functional and chic using two crates and just a bit of paint. Add DIY fabric cushions to each step and your pup is ready to go!

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1. Episode: Chic DIY Cat Scratching Post 3min
2. Episode: DIY Princess Canopy Pet Bed 3min

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Easy Pet DIY Projects

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Easy Pet DIY Projects