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Join author Deborah Moebes in this sewing adventure as you design and sew an A-line skirt tailored to your shape and style.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Deborah and get prepared to make an a-line skirt!

Tools & Materials
2 . Episode: Tools & Materials

Get a look at everything you'll need to make your skirt. Deborah explains everything you will need.

Taking Accurate Measurements
3 . Episode: Taking Accurate Measurements

Understand the importance of accuracy with Deborah's help. Discuss how to take the right measurements and what to wear.

Drafting the Pattern
4 . Episode: Drafting the Pattern

Learn to draft your pattern with Deborah's step-by-step instructions. You'll explore alternative measurements, as well as squaring up and labeling.

Constructing the Skirt
5 . Episode: Constructing the Skirt

Prepare the fabric, assemble the muslin, explore the invisible zipper and tackle fitting changes - all with Deborah's help.

Perfecting the Pattern
6 . Episode: Perfecting the Pattern

Learn how to make your skirt perfect by adding a waistband, constructing the hem and transferring those all-important darts!

Adding a Facing
7 . Episode: Adding a Facing

Get more support by adding a facing to your a-line skirt. Then explore other zipper options and understitching.

Making a Yoke
8 . Episode: Making a Yoke

Learn to shape without darts, sew your yoke and add the invisible zipper as you follow along with Deborah's detailed instruction.

Slashing & Spreading to Add Volume
9 . Episode: Slashing & Spreading to Add Volume

Put a swish in your step by adding these voluptuous variations. You can pump up the volume of any a-line with these fun techniques.

10 . Episode: Pockets

Learn to create lined and unlined patch pockets, as well as muffin pockets and inseam pockets.

Bonus: Your Next Skirts
11 . Episode: Bonus: Your Next Skirts

Start designing additional a-line skirts with different fabrics, linings and embellishments such as ruffles, ric rac and appliqué.

About the Teacher

Deborah Moebes
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Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt

Deborah Moebes

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Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt