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Drab to Fab Furniture Upcycling
Drab to Fab Furniture Upcycling
Ann Marie Auricchio
Transform yard-sale finds into items that showcase your style! This class teaches techniques to unearth and fix up those hidden gems.
Curiously Similar
This series helps people explore the joy of craft, as the UK's growing love affair with making things by hand combines with the latest home interior trends.
Breathe new life into the timeless furniture you love! Reupholster a dining chair and side chair as you learn to re-cover your furniture.
Cynthia  Bleskachek
Cynthia Bleskachek
Put a stencil on anything!
Ed Roth
Ed Roth
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If a weekend getaway to Napa Valley isn’t in your plans — and let's be real, that's not realistic for the millions of people who don't live within driving distance — how about bringing a bit of the valley to your zip code by hosting a wine-tasting party at home?
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Drab to Fab Furniture Upcycling