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Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote
Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote
Nancy Cain
Shape up your jewelry-making skills and move beyond flat peyote to add sculptural drama to your beadwork with Nancy Cain's expert instruction.
Curiously Similar
Learn how to make beaded jewelry with designer Barb Switzer, using a versatile beading stitch to produce ornate and gorgeous works of art.
Barb Switzer
with Barb Switzer
Learn five essential seed bead stitches and start making one-of-a-kind jewelry today! From peyote to right-angle weave, you’ll unlock endless creative possibilities.
Leslie Rogalski
with Leslie Rogalski
Master the elements of successful jewelry design and confidently create stand-out, signature pieces!
Margie Deeb
with Margie Deeb
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Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote