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Bring filler flowers to the forefront and make beautiful gum paste botanicals in cake designer Maggie Austin's latest Craftsy class.

Episode descriptions

Meet Maggie Austin
1 . Episode: Meet Maggie Austin

Meet Maggie and learn about the Craftsy platform.

Full Blackberries
2 . Episode: Full Blackberries

Learn how to build gum paste blackberries, complete with seeds and true-to-life coloring. Maggie's detailed instruction makes it easy!

Partial Blackberries
3 . Episode: Partial Blackberries

Maggie demonstrates how to make smaller berries, including partial blackberries, that realistically reflect nature.

Hypericum Berries
4 . Episode: Hypericum Berries

Maggie shows you how to make brilliant hypericum berries, which add elegance to any sugar flower arrangement.

5 . Episode: Blossoms

Build these beautiful blossoms and add veining and wiring with Maggie's help. You'll also learn to lock in your flowers' vibrant colors.

6 . Episode: Leaves

Increase the effect of your botanical creations by adding a leafy backdrop. You'll learn to cut, wire, thin, vein and color your leaves with Maggie's expert instruction.

Arranging & Assembling Bouquets
7 . Episode: Arranging & Assembling Bouquets

Maggie shares her tips and techniques for arranging and assembling bouquets. You'll also learn how to preserve these sweet treats as keepsakes.

Bonus: How to Make Gum Paste
8 . Episode: Bonus: How to Make Gum Paste

Maggie shares something every sugar artist should know: how to make gum paste. You'll love adding this to your confectionary arsenal.

About the Teacher

Maggie Austin
Curiously Similar
Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin
Beautiful dogwood and magnolia blossoms take center stage as Maggie Austin shares her signature sugar flower techniques.
Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin
Achieve sophisticated multidimensional sugar work with accessible techniques. Create stained-glass effects, climbing sugar flower arrangements and bas-relief.
Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin
Couture cake artist Maggie Austin shows you how to create an elegant ombre cake with her signature frill technique.


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Sugar Berries, Leaves & Blossoms

Maggie Austin

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Sugar Berries, Leaves & Blossoms