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Learn to make traditional Italian pasta from scratch with step-by-step instruction from cookbook author and award-winning cooking instructor Giuliano Hazan.

Episode descriptions

Making Pasta Dough
1 . Episode: Making Pasta Dough

Meet Giuliano and learn to make pasta dough from scratch.

Rolling Out & Cutting Pasta
2 . Episode: Rolling Out & Cutting Pasta

Learn to roll out the pasta and cut it into a variety of noodle types.

Cutting Pasta By Hand
3 . Episode: Cutting Pasta By Hand

Get to know your different noodles with Giuliano's expert instruction.

Tortelloni with Ricotta-Parsley Filling
4 . Episode: Tortelloni with Ricotta-Parsley Filling

Shape and fill Tortelloni the Italian way.

Meat-Filled Cappelletti
5 . Episode: Meat-Filled Cappelletti

Make meat-filled cappelletti by rolling out the dough, as well as cutting, filling and shaping the noodles.

Ravioli with Swiss Chard Filling
6 . Episode: Ravioli with Swiss Chard Filling

You'll learn filling and shaping techniques for this delicious dish by looking over Giuliano's shoulder.

How to Cook & Sauce Pasta
7 . Episode: How to Cook & Sauce Pasta

Learn to cook and sauce your pasta. Then it's time to eat!

About the Teacher

Giuliano Hazan
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2. Episode: Rolling Out & Cutting Pasta 19min
4. Episode: Tortelloni with Ricotta-Parsley Filling 17min
5. Episode: Meat-Filled Cappelletti 20min
6. Episode: Ravioli with Swiss Chard Filling 19min
7. Episode: How to Cook & Sauce Pasta 12min


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Making Pasta Dough
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Homemade Italian Pasta

Giuliano Hazan

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