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Knitters of every size and shape will gain wisdom from Marly, who shows you how to change stitch counts to address any shaping issue.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Marly Bird, knit and crochet designer who loves to design beautiful things for curvy women. She explains what's coming up in Curvy Knits and talks about what skills you should have to best appreciate the course, as well as how to use the Craftsy interactive platform.

Honest Measurements
2 . Episode: Honest Measurements

Job one to achieve perfect-fitting garments is to know your dimensions, so grab a tape measure and some friends, and prepare for an enlightening experience. Then Marly explains what your favorite sweater will teach you, and shows you how knit and purl stitches, as well as lace and cables, can be perfect for plus-size women.

Duct Tape Mannequin
3 . Episode: Duct Tape Mannequin

Here's where you put those measurement skills into practice. Make a life-size mannequin of yourself! It costs $50, not $400, and helps you check fit as you knit. Round up some friends and let the duct taping begin!

Choosing Patterns and Yarn
4 . Episode: Choosing Patterns and Yarn

Garment design and yarn choice can make a big difference between knitting something that you'll wear often and something that makes you look like a Sherman tank. Marly explains how to choose a pattern that will flatter you, and select the best yarn for fit and appearance.

Swatching: Creating Your Fabric
5 . Episode: Swatching: Creating Your Fabric

You wouldn't start sewing something without sampling the fabric, would you? That's what swatching is: Creating a fabric sample that tells you how your garment will perform, before you waste money and time knitting a garment you don't like. You'll learn how to use oversized swatches as a stitch library and a test platform for shaping and garment care.

Shaping Your Knitting
6 . Episode: Shaping Your Knitting

Charts and diagrams will help you figure out how to take the information from your favorite sweater and use it to change a pattern. You will learn how to use shaping with lace and cables so your sweater fits perfectly, adding design elements that flatter.

Bust a Move
7 . Episode: Bust a Move

When it comes to bust sizes on plus-size women, one size does not fit all. Bust darts essentially add a place for your bust to fit into your garment without making the front hike up to show your belly. Marly shows you how to add bust darts to any sweater so it will flatter your figure.

No More Pain in the Neckline
8 . Episode: No More Pain in the Neckline

A sweater's neckline frames your face, so if your pattern includes a neckline that doesn't flatter you, change it! Marly explains how and gives hints about fashioning different neck silhouettes from crew necks to V-necks.

Demystifying Armholes
9 . Episode: Demystifying Armholes

Armhole shaping can be intimidating, but Marly walks you through the math and charting so you see how it's done, and how to adjust an armhole without a lot of complicated stitch pattern changes. Properly-sized armholes make a big difference in comfort as well as how your garment looks.

Shaping Sleeves
10 . Episode: Shaping Sleeves

Ill-fitting sleeves pose problems for many plus-size women. Take your sleeve and armhole measurements and let Marly show you how easy it is to adjust a sleeve cap to set in perfectly and fit like a dream.

Bonus: Blocking Your Garment
11 . Episode: Bonus: Blocking Your Garment

Properly blocking your garment adds that finishing touch to hand-knitted garments. Follow along with Marly as she pins and shapes the final garment to ensure the perfect fit.

Bonus: Knitting Apps
12 . Episode: Bonus: Knitting Apps

Are you in love with your cell phone or mobile device? The knitting community has developed clever and useful apps to carry your patterns with you, count stitches and calculate gauge.

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Marly Bird
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