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      Love Your Vegetables: Best Methods, Flavorful Techniques
      Love Your Vegetables: Best Methods, Flavorful Techniques
      Anna Bullett
      Put fresh, delicious vegetables at the center of your plate as you create crowd-pleasing dishes that are anything but garden-variety!
      Curiously Similar
      Take your vegetables from bland to bold for meals you'll love, with accessible cooking techniques and professional troubleshooting tips!
      Ivy  Manning
      Ivy Manning
      Make six vegetarian one-bowl wonders that are healthy, filling and bursting with flavors that delight any night of the week!
      Martha Rose Shulman
      Martha Rose Shulman
      Discover the secrets to delicious meals, healthy ingredients and perfect portion sizes that will leave you feeling full and looking great!
      Allison Task
      Allison Task
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      Storing pre-cut vegetables can up your cooking game in a big way. With prep already done, you're recipe-ready and can go ham inventing new dishes or rekindling an old kitchen flame. Plus you'll be covered when it comes to snack-time cravings. Veggies are so easy to store in the fridge once they're chopped, and plenty of them freeze well too. Freezing can help you preserve the bounty of seasons past, which is a great excuse to over indulge at your local farmers' market.
      Jessie Oleson Moore
      It's taco season and all I want to do is spend some time outdoors with a taco (or four). Fried fish tacos are always swoon-worthy, but in order to be able to eat tacos as often as I'd like to, I needed to find a lighter recipe. Grilling to the rescue!
      Karly Campbell
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      Love Your Vegetables: Best Methods, Flavorful Techniques