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Make four exclusive accessories as you knit in the round on double-pointed needles, one short circular needle, two circular needles and using the magic loop method.

Episode descriptions

About Circular Knitting
1 . Episode: About Circular Knitting

Learn about the advantages of knitting in the round, review the tools and get started making a trendy headband.

Making the Headband Flower
2 . Episode: Making the Headband Flower

Cast on a small number of stitches on double-pointed needles and expand your knitting in a circle to make decorative flowers.

Making a Hat With Magic Loop
3 . Episode: Making a Hat With Magic Loop

You don't need to limit yourself to a short circular needle when making smaller projects. Cast on for a hat using this clever technique.

Completing the Hat
4 . Episode: Completing the Hat

Simple colorwork is easy in the round! Add contrasting triangles to your hat, then see how to decrease for the crown and finish the top.

Making Two Gloves at Once
5 . Episode: Making Two Gloves at Once

Are you good at starting projects but slow to finish them? Knitting two fingerless gloves on two needles at the same time guarantees you won't have a lonely, single mitt.

Completing the Gloves
6 . Episode: Completing the Gloves

Add shaping for the thumb and knit up the rest of the mitt, then finish the thumb for a fun, unisex accessory that's easy to customize.

Cabled Lace Cowl
7 . Episode: Cabled Lace Cowl

This stunning accessory includes simple lace and cables. Written instructions are included, or you can try reading the chart. It's easier than you might think!

About the Teacher

Stefanie Japel
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Stefanie Japel
Stefanie Japel
You’ll learn how to knit a hat with circular needles as you construct this cute and colorful collection.
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Pam Powers Knits
Get an introduction to key techniques for working in the round and start expanding your project possibilities.
Stefanie Japel
Stefanie Japel
These essential lessons for new knitters teach you fundamental skills and about basic supplies through step-by-step instruction from designer Stefanie Japel.


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