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Paint & Palette Essentials: A Beginner's Guide to Oil Painting
Paint & Palette Essentials: A Beginner's Guide to Oil Painting
Jay Senetchko
Learn to use color-mixing techniques and a variety of palettes to create eye-catching works of art!
Curiously Similar
From composition and value to color mixing and oil paint application, get the step-by-step guidance you need to create an oil painting with photo-like realism!
Tony Curanaj
with Tony Curanaj
Create beautiful, lifelike flowers that bloom from your canvas! Build oil painting skills for composition, color, form, detail and more.
Jay Senetchko
with Jay Senetchko
Explore foundational color theory in oil painting as artist Scott Gellatly defines three art movement color palettes and their characteristics.
Scott Gellatly
with Scott Gellatly
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Paint & Palette Essentials: A Beginner's Guide to Oil Painting