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      Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil
      Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil
      Master mixing, layering and glazing to confidently create a highly detailed, hyper-realistic work of art.
      Curiously Similar
      Draw a colored pencil portrait that looks just like a photograph.
      Karen Hull
      Karen Hull
      Draw textures so lifelike, you can feel them! Recreate the appearance of fruit skins, metallic surfaces, woodgrain, fur, fabric and more.
      Cynthia Knox
      Cynthia Knox
      Draw your most heartwarming pieces of art with new colored pencil skills. Capture the beautiful fur, sparkling eyes and unforgettable faces of beloved pets.
      Gemma  Gylling
      Gemma Gylling
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      There are two words that give many novice painters a shudder: skin tones. That's because painting flesh in acrylic can be a daunting task, especially if you're hoping to render skin lifelike and dimensional rather than dull and flat. (And unless you're painting, say, LEGO characters, you probably are!)
      Jessie Oleson Moore
      Next time you're in the art supply store, make a beeline straight for the colored pencils. It's an affordable medium that's booming in popularity, and there are more supports, accessories, types of pencils, and curated sets available than ever before. Really. We talked to three experts about why colored pencils just might be your next favorite thing.
      Elaine Lipson
      Witch, please! Have you ever seen a cooler cupcake topper? You might love fondant or hate it, but there's no denying it's the best for fancy decorations. And Halloween might just be prime time to bust it out. Gather your tools and prepare to get down with some serious hocus-pocus. Broomstick optional.
      Lynlee North Beckett
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      Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencil