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Craft a classic Shaker nightstand that merges beautiful design with sought-after functionality!

Episode descriptions

Introduction & Tabletop Construction
1 . Episode: Introduction & Tabletop Construction

Meet your instructor, furniture maker Jeff Miller, and get a preview of the gorgeous Shaker table you'll build using hand tools. Then, dive into your project as Jeff discusses how to pick the wood for your tabletop and offers professional advice for planing the edges and gluing the pieces together. Gather Jeff's tips for fixing convex or concave joins and learn the proper technique for clamping multiple boards together.

Chopping the Mortises
2 . Episode: Chopping the Mortises

Master creating smooth and exact mortises as you learn how to set yourself up for success with precise measuring and marking practices. Next, learn how to hold your chisel to make sure your cuts are square, taking just a bit out at a time. Then, learn valuable techniques for cleaning up your cuts to ensure the sides of your mortise are smooth and ready for the tenon.

Creating the Tenons
3 . Episode: Creating the Tenons

Finish your joint as Jeff takes you through the process of creating the tenon. First, discover how to measure and mark your cut lines and then learn the proper technique for making cuts as your hand saw becomes an extension of your body. Then, pick up expert tips for cleaning up your tenon and making sure it's the right length. You'll use these skills again and again in your furniture making, whatever piece you're building.

Properly Fitting the Joints
4 . Episode: Properly Fitting the Joints

It's time to fit your pieces together. Jeff shows you how to measure components and refine cuts as you ease your tenons into their mortises. Learn techniques for shaping the shoulders and using shoulder and router planes to refine your tenons. See how to adjust your mortises, just a sliver at a time, and how to undercut the shoulders if your joint isn't sitting flush. Finally, learn how to remove the horn and discover Jeff's methods for repairing a cracked mortise or fixing a loose tenon.

Tapering the Legs & Smoothing the Top
5 . Episode: Tapering the Legs & Smoothing the Top

Give your nightstand its iconic Shaker styling as you learn how to taper your legs to give them a smooth and uniform appearance. Then, work with a variety of planes as you smooth your tabletop, transforming your glued up planks into a solid, smooth piece. Learn techniques for smoothing out seams and how to use a custom metal scraper to really smooth out the top. Then, square up your top so that it's ready for beveling and assembly.

Beveling & Table Buttons
6 . Episode: Beveling & Table Buttons

Add more Shaker detailing as you bevel the top of your nightstand using some simple measurements and a plane. Then, create the table buttons used to connect the top to your base. Learn how to cut grooves in the aprons so that your tabletop is allowed to expand and shrink with changes in humidity.

Assembly & Finishing
7 . Episode: Assembly & Finishing

All of your hard work comes to fruition as you assemble your table and add the final details. First, complete the smoothing process as you take a final pass on your legs and aprons and add a bit of chamfering to soften the corners. Then, learn how to make minute adjustments as you dry fit your legs and aprons together. Next, Jeff offers extensive guidance on gluing up and clamping your table. Finally, learn Jeff's secret finish recipe and attach your tabletop to complete your nightstand.

About the Teacher

Jeff Miller
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1. Episode: Introduction & Tabletop Construction 17min
4. Episode: Properly Fitting the Joints 22min
5. Episode: Tapering the Legs & Smoothing the Top 22min
6. Episode: Beveling & Table Buttons 20min


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