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Start your machine embroidery business! Learn the day-to-day business basics you need to lay out a solid foundation for success.

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Business Basics
1 . Episode: Business Basics

Meet embroidery business owner Marie Zinno as she previews the topics covered in class. Gain insight into important decisions you'll face before opening a business. Marie discusses the pros and cons of working from home versus opening a storefront. Plus, get tips on selecting the perfect name and registering your company.

Choosing a Machine
2 . Episode: Choosing a Machine

Need advice on choosing the right machine? Marie guides you through the process. You'll gain familiarity with three different types of machines: single-needle; multi-needle, single-head; and multi-needle, multi-head. In addition, Marie highlights the pros and cons of each machine and demonstrates how they work.

Ordering Blanks & Keeping Inventory
3 . Episode: Ordering Blanks & Keeping Inventory

Gain a wealth of information on purchasing and keeping inventory. Marie shares her expertise on everything from finding reputable vendors and setting up wholesale accounts, to tracking your order history. You'll also discover invaluable tips for creatively customizing your products to target different customers.

Pricing Embroidery & Taking Orders
4 . Episode: Pricing Embroidery & Taking Orders

Learn a simple formula for pricing your items. Marie breaks down the process of developing a price sheet into easy-to-manage steps. Then, find out the best methods for taking orders of any size. Marie also offers expert advice on handling -- and fixing -- mistakes.

Customizing & Bundling
5 . Episode: Customizing & Bundling

Get inspired by the wide range of products you can create with embroidery. You'll discover innovative ways to create unique gifts using similar designs. Watch and learn how to embroider hard-to-hoop items such as hats, towels and cosmetic cases. Plus, get tips on attractive ways to package your products.

Organize Your Studio
6 . Episode: Organize Your Studio

Create a personalized workspace that fits your needs. Learn how to design a simple layout on graph paper, then get helpful tips and advice on meeting with clients and organizing your orders. Marie also outlines a variety of efficient ways to arrange and store all your supplies.

Promoting Your Business
7 . Episode: Promoting Your Business

Get the word out about your business! Marie gives in-depth instruction on how to cross-market with other local businesses. You'll discover how to show off your embroidery by hosting an open house. In addition, find out Marie's tips for effectively using social media to promote and share your work.

About the Teacher

Marie Zinno
Curiously Similar
Deborah Jones
Deborah Jones
Learn the ins and outs of your multi-needle machine. Get techniques for setting up, stitching your first design and embroidering faster than ever.
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Lindee Goodall
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Deborah Jones
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3. Episode: Ordering Blanks & Keeping Inventory 18min
4. Episode: Pricing Embroidery & Taking Orders 10min
5. Episode: Customizing & Bundling 20min
7. Episode: Promoting Your Business 14min


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Business Basics
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How to Start a Machine Embroidery Business

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How to Start a Machine Embroidery Business