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Simplify the steps for drawing iconic animals. Depict wild animals with true-to-life proportions, dimension, textures and features.

Episode descriptions

Realistic Value & Texture
1 . Episode: Realistic Value & Texture

Meet visual artist Sharlena Wood as she highlights the techniques covered in class. Then warm up your creative juices by playing around with pastels and charcoal pencils! Start training your eye to see subtle differences in value by creating value scales. You'll also learn a variety of essential mark-making techniques for creating interesting and lifelike textures.

The Elephant: Form & Value
2 . Episode: The Elephant: Form & Value

Expand upon the skills you learned in Lesson 1 by drawing a majestic elephant. Sharlena shares tips for selecting the best reference photos, then shows you how to use the innovative pan pastel medium to quickly -- and effectively -- block in the main shapes and values. In addition, start developing the elephant's form by applying hints of texture.

The Elephant: Texture
3 . Episode: The Elephant: Texture

Bring your elephant portrait to life! Sharlena guides you through the process of building layers of dimension by adding detail and texture to your work with carbon and charcoal pencils. You'll also learn to use variegated lines, stippling and pointillism to capture an animal's rough and wrinkled skin.

The Panda: Fur
4 . Episode: The Panda: Fur

Learn to draw the realistic form and dimension of a playful panda. You'll discover how to create subtle variations in value to both the light and dark areas of your drawings. Plus, Sharlena illustrates how to apply these techniques to other animals, such as high-key portraits of polar bears and low-key portraits of black bears.

The Panda: Facial Features
5 . Episode: The Panda: Facial Features

Give your panda personality by drawing in the facial features! In addition to adding subtle highlights to the nose, Sharlena shares quick and easy techniques for using low-key values to draw the eyes and hatching to shape the mouth. You'll also gain essential techniques for putting the finishing touches on your work.

The Leopard: Value & Features
6 . Episode: The Leopard: Value & Features

Build on the techniques you've learned as you draw an intimate portrait of a leopard. Learn Sharlena's effective method of blocking in spotted fur, then discover a simple way to map out the spots. In addition, you'll gain in-depth instruction on drawing realistic cat eyes.

The Leopard: Fur & Final Details
7 . Episode: The Leopard: Fur & Final Details

Put the finishing details on your leopard drawing. Sharlena illustrates how to create natural-looking fur markings using a mix of hatching, crosshatching and stippling techniques. You'll also get expert advice on protecting your finished work.

About the Teacher

Sharlena Wood
Curiously Similar
Gemma  Gylling
Gemma Gylling
Recreate your favorite wild animals in colored pencil!
Sharlena Wood
Sharlena Wood
Learn mixed media techniques to bring the beauty of wildlife to your canvas!
Gemma  Gylling
Gemma Gylling
Draw your most heartwarming pieces of art with new colored pencil skills. Capture the beautiful fur, sparkling eyes and unforgettable faces of beloved pets.
1. Episode: Realistic Value & Texture 32min
2. Episode: The Elephant: Form & Value 29min
5. Episode: The Panda: Facial Features 20min
6. Episode: The Leopard: Value & Features 31min
7. Episode: The Leopard: Fur & Final Details 26min


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Realistic Value & Texture
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