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Woodworking Essentials: Bending & Shaping
Woodworking Essentials: Bending & Shaping
Bill Thomas
Curve wood with confidence for fine furniture, home improvement or even boat building. Learn fundamental techniques for milling, laminating and steam-bending wood.
Curiously Similar
Showcase your craftsmanship with perfectly fitted doors for cabinetry and fine furniture.
Robert Spiece
Robert Spiece
Transform your woodworking projects into distinctive heirlooms. Learn techniques for successful stringing, template work and even inlaying on curved surfaces.
Kevin  Rodel
Kevin Rodel
Become a more efficient, accurate woodworker. Build sleds, fences, jigs and cauls that no shop should be without.
Dale Barnard
Dale Barnard
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Handsaws: the most iconic, and yes, hardworking of the woodworking tools. But sometimes it seems like there are as many kinds of saws as there are teeth on the things. Let's narrow it down a bit to the most useful ones you'll encounter.
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Woodworking Essentials: Bending & Shaping