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Fresh Techniques for Artful Layouts
Fresh Techniques for Artful Layouts
Wilna Furstenberg
Let your inner artist run free and create inspired scrapbook layouts with accessible mixed media techniques!
Curiously Similar
Make bold, one-of-a-kind scrapbook layouts with designer techniques using patterned paper and scraps!
Paige Evans
with Paige Evans
Infuse your scrapbooks, art journals and more with captivating color! Use mixed media to create cheerful backgrounds, bold texture and eye-catching effects.
Olya Schmidt
with Olya Schmidt
Throw rules out the window and use gesso, acrylic paint and watercolors to infuse your paper craft projects with eye-catching texture and color!
Ronda Palazzari
with Ronda Palazzari
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If you love the look of homemade cards but have neither the time nor the moolah to go all-in on loads of special supplies, we have three words for you: paper lace doilies. (Yes, they still exist.) These budget-friendly paper goods offer a cute and whimsical way to upgrade store bought thank yous and invitations. Try it for your next baby shower invite or thank you card!
by Victoria Hudgins
There's nothing like a handwritten letter, whether it's a thank-you note, an invitation or a postcard. For me, the best part is that every piece is a blank canvas, and I love embellishing them for my lovely recipients. Being a calligrapher would actually be really handy here, but it's definitely not necessary; in fact, we bet your friends won't even know the difference after you embrace these tips.
One fact about artists: We practice a lot! And because of this, we accumulate many (many!) extra pieces of art. Instead of tossing those watercolors in the trash, why not turn them into entirely new works of art, or re-purpose them into something you can use?
by Elise Engh
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Fresh Techniques for Artful Layouts