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Learn contemporary silversmithing techniques as you create a striking mixed-metal ring!

Episode descriptions

Design & Solder a Bezel
1 . Episode: Design & Solder a Bezel

Meet Rio Grande Event/Education Coordinator Mark Nelson and preview the techniques you'll learn to make a striking silver ring. Gain a deeper understanding of how to plan your project, from selecting materials to sketching out designs. Then, learn the proper way to cut, solder and shape a bezel to ensure the perfect fit!

Forming the Ring Shank
2 . Episode: Forming the Ring Shank

Learn how to create a double-banded ring shank that will enhance any design. Mark walks through each step of the process, demonstrating how to accurately measure, cut and form the bands before sweat-soldering them together for a tight, strong seam. Plus, learn a simple trick for preventing firestain.

Soldering the Backing
3 . Episode: Soldering the Backing

As you fabricate the backplate for your ring, discover what kinds of metal and gauges work best for different types of jewelry beyond this project. Then, with Mark's guidance, learn proper solder placement and practice soldering the bezel to the backplate for professional-quality results.

Decorative Elements: Mixing Metals
4 . Episode: Decorative Elements: Mixing Metals

Learn techniques for mixing metals with silver as you create a decorative brass element to encircle the bezel. Learn Mark's effective techniques for precisely cutting out the frame and filing it for a smooth, even look. Finish by filing and grinding patterns into the metal and sweat-soldering it to the backplate.

How Soldering Works
5 . Episode: How Soldering Works

Delve deeper into the topic of soldering as Mark demystifies the entire process, offering helpful tips and tricks for perfecting your technique. Then, put your newfound knowledge into play by soldering the ring shank to the backplate. You'll also get expert advice on selecting the right torch for your projects!

First Finish
6 . Episode: First Finish

Make your pieces truly shine by honing your finishing techniques. Starting with the inside of the shank, Mark shows you his simple method of removing solder and smoothing out rough edges. In addition, find out how to apply a patina and add textures to your pieces for a one-of-a-kind look.

Setting the Stone
7 . Episode: Setting the Stone

Finish working on your ring by setting the stone. Mark outlines each important step, showing you everything from testing the fit of the stone -- without getting it stuck -- to ensuring that it sits completely flat in the bezel. Plus, discover simple ways to preserve your jewelry for years to come.

About the Teacher

Mark Nelson
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Design & Solder a Bezel
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