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Bring greater style and structure to all of your handbags! Learn how to easily install linings, zippers, pockets, handles and more in any bag project.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Lisa Lam, an expert in crafting boutique-quality bags at home! Start enhancing the handcrafted bags you're already making with her tips for beautiful zippers, pockets, handles and metal closures.

Bag Structure
2 . Episode: Bag Structure

Learn the basic anatomy of a handbag, including the gusset, flap and strap. Lisa shows different types of interfacing and interlining you can use to craft your bag, outlining the pros and cons of each variety. You'll also learn the trick behind creating less bulky seams when using thick interlining.

3 . Episode: Linings

Lisa explains the differences between a drop-in lining and a turned lining for your handbag. She demonstrates how to attach a strap to a tote bag and the best way to sew a turned lining into your bag. Finally, you'll learn Lisa's secret behind a shorter lining.

4 . Episode: Zippers

Sewing with zippers may seem intimidating, but Lisa walks you through every detail to make the perfect handbag. From choosing the right kind of zipper for your bag to tips for creating a pretty tab for the end of the zipper, Lisa provides the directions to make it easy.

5 . Episode: Pockets

Expand your bag's function with different types of pockets. Between the darted pocket and the flushed zipper pocket, you'll be able to personalize your handbag even further with Lisa's guidance. Be sure to watch the zipper lesson first so you have an idea of what type of pocket you want to make!

6 . Episode: Handles

Increase the functionality of your bag! From simple D-rings to complex adjustable straps, Lisa provides the steps to create any kind of handle you need! You'll also follow along with Lisa as she shows you how to attach leather straps to your bag by hand.

Metal Closures
7 . Episode: Metal Closures

Elevate the elegance of your bag with a metal closure. Lisa demonstrates how to attach a useful twist lock closure to your bag. She also goes over the steps to add a tongue lock and describes which bags are best for this type of closure.

Eyelets & Rivets
8 . Episode: Eyelets & Rivets

Embellishing your bag with eyelets and rivets is a great way to make your work look more professional. Lisa demonstrates examples of great uses for eyelets and then shows the tools you'll need to insert one on your bag. She also goes over the basics of adding rivets to straps, too!

About the Teacher

Lisa Lam
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