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Learn carving and decorating skills to make sensational, spherical cakes simple. Create the perfect cakes for anyone who loves sports or fun in the sun.

Episode descriptions

Building the Base
1 . Episode: Building the Base

Meet Kimberly Bailey, owner of The Butter End Cakery and your guide to creating perfectly-spherical confections. Every ball cake needs a secure base, and Kimberly is there to guide you step-by-step through the process of building one, from constructing your armature to attaching a polystyrene sphere.

Sculpting Your Cake
2 . Episode: Sculpting Your Cake

Measure and stack your tiers while Kimberly shows you a foolproof way to carve the perfect ball. (Hint: You'll let the turntable do most of the work.) And when the inevitable mistake happens, don't sweat it! Kimberly has an easy and delicious fix for that, too: a buttercream spackle.

Ganache & Fondant
3 . Episode: Ganache & Fondant

Crumb coat your cake with ganache to create a smooth, unified ball. Then watch as Kimberly drapes her fondant in one swift motion, taking care to show how this challenging hurdle can be cleared with less stress. Still see seams? Let her show you how those "imperfections" are really just opportunities to get creative.

The Baseball Cake
4 . Episode: The Baseball Cake

The stitches on a baseball present a unique challenge for decorating, but Kimberly has you covered with an easy solution to keep your creation looking realistic. Trace, cut and transfer your logo with little mess and stay tuned until the end for a simple way to create a volleyball variation.

The Basketball Cake
5 . Episode: The Basketball Cake

Basketballs require a new way of applying fondant because of the texture. Instead of going top-down, Kimberly comes at her sphere from the side, smoothing together two pieces to create a full-length seam. And if the athletes in your life are soccer fans instead, she has another design made just for you!

The Beach Ball Cake
6 . Episode: The Beach Ball Cake

Gain inspiration from the waves and sun by making a beach ball cake. Watch as Kimberly shows you how to use a template to create this unique design. Then emboss your stripes and layer them on the fondant at the angle of your choosing before finishing it off with a sugary sand.

Creating a Beach Showpiece
7 . Episode: Creating a Beach Showpiece

Turn your beach ball cake into a showpiece by creating an entire summer scene around it, complete with a sand pail. See how Kimberly carefully carves a lip on the pail, braids a handle and injects visual interest using a variety of sugars to create a real sand look that also tastes great!

About the Teacher

Kimberly Bailey
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