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Take charge of a hectic wedding shoot and capture polished family photos that will wow your clients!

Episode descriptions

Getting Started
1 . Episode: Getting Started

Meet Neil, an experienced wedding photographer whose methods and process will help you work more efficiently and achieve the results you (and the bride) want.

Creating the Family Diagram
2 . Episode: Creating the Family Diagram

Plan ahead; create a descriptive family diagram that will help you maximize your shooting time and help you understand the unique dynamics of the families.

3 . Episode: Sequencing

Learn to set up and break down balanced family posing arrangements as well as expert tips for directing a large group of people and working around complicated family circumstances.

Posing Guidelines
4 . Episode: Posing Guidelines

Discover simple solutions for tricky situations, including disproportionate family sizes, positioning children and even fixing glare on eyeglasses.

Lighting the Group
5 . Episode: Lighting the Group

Use your camera's histogram and a simple lighting setup to achieve perfect exposure indoors or out.

Finishing Your Photos
6 . Episode: Finishing Your Photos

Save time sorting photos and learn practical editing techniques using Neil's efficient postproduction process.

About the Teacher

Neil van Niekerk
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Neil van Niekerk
Neil van Niekerk
Learn posing, lighting and editing techniques to capture the unforgettable wedding portraits of your clients' dreams.
Kathryn Krueger
Kathryn Krueger
Learn posing and lighting techniques to make every bride look her very best!
Kirsten Lewis
Kirsten Lewis
Develop your signature style as you learn to create unique compositions, work with available light and capture compelling images of honest emotion.


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Getting Started
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Wedding Photography: Posing the Family

Neil van Niekerk

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Wedding Photography: Posing the Family