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Creative Photography: Capture Life Differently
Creative Photography: Capture Life Differently
George Lange
Learn compositional methods and unique perspectives that will inspire you to see and shoot life in a whole new way!
Curiously Similar
Go on location to capture and curate shots that reveal the unique story of your subject!
Mike Hill
Mike Hill
Confidently and easily pose your subjects to capture photographs that feel natural. Bring out the best in individuals, couples and even large groups!
Bobbi  Lane
Bobbi Lane
Showcase your unique creative vision with exceptional portraiture that sets you apart from the competition and stands out to clients.
Catherine Asanov
Catherine Asanov
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Go ahead, strike a pose! If only it were that easy. Getting subjects, especially kids, in the right positions for photos is both super important and super tricky. Without good posing, kids can look awkward, uncomfortable, and out-of-place. But too much posing introduces issues of its own. Here's how to get it right:
Alethia Rains
Everyone is always asking me what piece of fancy gear will make their photos better. The truth is, while new equipment is nice, it’s unlikely to improve your work on its own. In fact, extraordinary photos are made all the time on basic equipment (you've seen those iPhone ads!). Instead, I clue newbies in on the real secret for awesome shots: Make more photographs, don't snap more frames. Commit that motto to memory, grab your camera, and let's get started.
We've all been beat over the head with how important a well-balanced breakfast is. But when it comes down to it, it's just hard to make it happen (especially first thing in the morning, before we've had a chance to become our best selves). Starting tomorrow, indulge your cravings by taking note of what you want and swapping with one of our healthier options.
Abigail Barr
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Creative Photography: Capture Life Differently