4h 54min intermediate Resources

Brand-new crocheters will learn the basics, while crochet veterans will enjoy making whimsical and cuddly bears, deers, raccoons and bluebirds.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Stacey Trock and her woodland friends. Learn about the Craftsy learning platform and go over the supplies used in this class.

Skills and Techniques
2 . Episode: Skills and Techniques

Learn the basics crochet techniques for creating woodland friends, including chaining, increasing, decreasing and changing colors.

Making the Bird
3 . Episode: Making the Bird

Crochet in the round to begin this bluebird beauty, beginning with the beak, then the wings and finally the body.

Finishing the Bird
4 . Episode: Finishing the Bird

Assemble your crocheted pieces and and add eyes and stuffing to finish your bluebird.

The Bear
5 . Episode: The Bear

Crochet all the pieces you'll need to create a complete cuddly bear, then assemble and finish your woodland animal.

Making the Deer
6 . Episode: Making the Deer

Begin the process of crocheting an antlered friend. Create the legs, the antlers and everything between.

Finishing the Deer
7 . Episode: Finishing the Deer

Finish your deer by attaching all of your crocheted pieces together and adding stuffing.

Making the Raccoon
8 . Episode: Making the Raccoon

Create the head, body and limbs of a cute, ring-tailed raccoon.

Finishing the Raccoon
9 . Episode: Finishing the Raccoon

Complete this complex little critter by crocheting all the pieces together into one cuddly raccoon.

Bonus: Baby-Safe Eyes
10 . Episode: Bonus: Baby-Safe Eyes

Learn to crochet baby-safe eyes for younger recipients of your woodland animals.

About the Teacher

Stacey Trock
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Stacey Trock
Stacey Trock
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Amigurumi: Woodland Animals

Stacey Trock

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