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Popular instructor Carol Ann Waugh returns to Craftsy for more fiber fun. Get your seam ripper ready to destroy in the name of creation.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Carol Ann Waugh, who will lead you on a path of creative destruction! She explains the difference between Stitch & Slash, which is raw edge cutwork, and reverse appliqué.

Selecting Fabrics
2 . Episode: Selecting Fabrics

Hues, values and color schemes - Carol goes into detail on how to choose your fabrics.

3 . Episode: Layering

Carol explains the factors to take into account when layering your fabric. Choose contrasting values, iron out the creases, layer and pin to secure.

Designing & Stitching
4 . Episode: Designing & Stitching

Now it's time to design the actual project. Learn nine different stitching designs that anyone can do, and how to apply one to your fabric.

5 . Episode: Slashing

Let's start slashing! Pick up your favorite sharp object and remove layers to reveal the pattern and texture of your final piece.

Adding Texture
6 . Episode: Adding Texture

Learn how couching and decorative machine stitching can make your project more interesting.

7 . Episode: Sandwiching

Stitch your fabric to fusible fleece, so you can add machine stitching to your creation. Carol shares some pro tips about backing fabric and handling fusibles.

Making a Pillow
8 . Episode: Making a Pillow

Take your beautiful new stitch-and-slash fabric into an artsy pillow: trim it to size, add an envelope-style back and a pillow form, and voila!

9 . Episode: Leftovers

Have leftover scraps of fabric? You'll be surprised what you can do with them. Remember, there are no mistakes!

About the Teacher

Carol Ann Waugh
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