Patchwork Nation



The world of quilting brings together a colorful patchwork of perspectives and people. And much like a top, no two are exactly alike. In our five-part series Patchwork Nation, we dive into the seams of that colorful community, connecting with five talented, artistic quilters — each with very differe...Read more

Lessons (5)

Sylvia Schaefer
1. Sylvia Schaefer
Think science and quilting couldn't be further apart? Well to Sylvia Schaefer, quilting's a science in itself. It's a way of making a hypothesis and s...Read more
Sherri Lynn Wood
2. Sherri Lynn Wood
To Sherri Lynn Woods, quilting isn't just a craft, it's a model for how we interact with the world. One look at her recycled improv quilts, and you'll...Read more
Rachel Clark
3. Rachel Clark
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Rachel Clark's quilted garments pen their own novels. As a dressmaker, folk artist and quilter, she has c...Read more
Luke Haynes
4. Luke Haynes
Design, planning, purpose … it's these principles that seam together the worlds of art, quilt and architecture. Luke Haynes draws his inspiration from...Read more
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