How to Crochet Granny Squares And Bring Back Old-School Cool

You gotta love the granny! Even if you don't crochet, you can probably pick out a classic granny square afghan from a lineup.

Two factors account for the granny square's icon status: simplicity and versatility. A solid square is straightforward and repetitive, but then there are a million ways to riff off that simple square — from playing with color to changing up the shape and more.

Classic Granny Square

What You Need

You can crochet a granny square using any type of yarn and any size crochet hook. This tutorial uses a basic worsted weight yarn and size H/8 5mm crochet hook .


Ch - Chain
Dc - Double crochet


Round 1

Chain three .

Dc into the first chain .

Dc again into the first chain. You now have a cluster of three dc because the first chain three counts as the first dc.

Chain two; this creates the space that will become your first corner.

3 dc into the same chain spot. Ch 2 to make your next corner. Repeat that previous step twice more.

Slip stitch into the top chain of the first "chain three" to close the round. Your smallest center square is now complete.

Round 2

To begin the next round, you will chain 3. This counts as the first dc of the round.

Make 2 dc into the same corner as the ch 3.

In the following corner: 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc. This makes the new corner.

Repeat this in the next two corners.

To finish the first corner your worked in, make 3 dc, chain two and then slip stitch to the top of the first chain in the first "chain three" to close the round.

Round 3

Your next round begins the same way as round two. Chain three and then 2 dc into the same corner.

You'll see that the next space is not a corner but just a space. Make 3 dc in this space.

Your next space is the corner, so you'll make 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc into the corner. Repeat the previous two steps around the square. When you get to the corner you started in, make 3 dc, ch 2 and sl st to the top of the first chain 3 to close the round.

Round 4

Round 4 is similar to Round 3 except that you are now working with a larger square so there will be two spaces in each row between each corner.

You can continue increasing the size of your granny square to make it as large as you like. Simply work 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in each corner and 3 dc in each space, joining at the end of each row and beginning the new round with a ch 3 for the first dc stitch.

The classic crochet granny square usually features about four or five rounds. But you can make a mini-square as small as two rounds, or just keep on stitching until you have a big, square blanket!


There's definitely more than one way to craft a granny square. You can start with a crochet ring, or go full-on magic circle. Plus, don't forget about color!

Crochet Ring

Instead of starting your granny square by working into a single chain, join your chain into a circle and work your first round into the circle . This method will give you a more pronounced hole in the center of your square.

Magic Circle

If you want a tight center to your square with no holes, try using a magic circle to start your granny .

Multi-Color Squares

If you want to work some of your rounds in different colors, here's how:

At the end of the previous round, fasten off and weave in ends. Join new yarn in any corner by simply tying it on.

Chain 3.

2 dc in the same corner chain space

Proceed around the square as normal.

Find Your Next Project

Granny squares love to stand alone as coasters, but there's so much more you can do with them, like join them into a blanket, or even make a throwback granny stitch vest!

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How to Crochet Granny Squares And Bring Back Old-School Cool