This is the Rosette Ombré Cake of Your Dreams

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cake with blue ombre rosette frosting on a white cake stand
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three tiered cake with purple buttercream on a white cake stand
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The star tip’s the star of this show! Use it to pipe buttercream rosettes, then layer ‘em up in a spectrum of colors to create this truly show-stopping cake.

Ombré Rosette Cake

Level: Easy
Yield: Makes a 10-inch cake with 4 layers

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Vanilla cake being cut in half with a serrated knife
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Four layers of vanilla cake stacked on a metal cake turntable with buttercream between each layer
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Layered cake with thin crumb coat of white buttercream covering it
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White buttercream rosette on white background with piping tip in the corner
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1. Prep Your Cake

Cut each cake in half horizontally , then stack your cake, spreading buttercream between each layer .

Once your layers are stacked, apply a thin crumb coat of buttercream. Chill the crumb-coated cake.

After the crumb coat, apply a masking coat of buttercream in the lightest shade you'll be using for your rosettes. (You don't want this under layer to peek through!)

2. Measure It Out

To get four perfect (or close to!) rows of rosettes, you need to do just a little planning. Use an offset spatula to make a small indent halfway up the cake and then halfway below and above that. These marks will guide the placement of each row.

3. Pipe Your First Row

Starting with your darkest blue, pipe a row of rosettes along the bottom of the cake keeping them very close together or even overlapping a little. As you work, try to keep your rosettes about the same size (they should go right up to the guideline you made for your next row).

4. Switch Colors and Pipe Some More

Using your next shade of blue, pipe on a second row of rosettes nestled tightly on top of the first. (Offset the rosettes slightly from the ones below and, again, make them large enough to reach the guideline for your next row.)

Repeat this process with your next color for the third line of rosettes.

Pro Tip

Try not to start and stop! Your rosettes will be more uniform if you complete the entire row in one shot.

5. Finish Off the Sides

For the top and final row, use your lightest color to pipe rosettes around the cake making sure the top of the flowers align with the top of the cake. (Almost done, folks!)

6. Top It Off

Once the sides of the cake are full of rosettes, move on to the top! Still working with your lightest color, create concentric circles of rosettes until the top of your cake is completely covered.

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This is the Rosette Ombré Cake of Your Dreams